corpßonore - sound // body // wellness

corpßonore - sound // body // wellness comes to life November 1st! That is 2 days from now! I am excited and nervous and very overwhelmed with all of the work left to do BUT I guarantee it will be worth it to check this out. We are brewing (in the spirit of halloween) up a podcast, publication with newsletter, and personalized and group coaching and workshops. I hope you take a moment to check it out, subscribe, listen, and participate. Thanking you for being part of my team, readership, fans, friends, tribe, circle, network, etc. This project is a long time coming and worth the wait (and patience on my end).

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Fit as a Fiddle - Workshop with Pamela Frank and Howard Nelson

My review of the “Fit as a Fiddle” class with Pamela Frank and Howard Nelson. This was all about healthy string playing, overcoming injury, and injury prevention primarily for violin and viola players. Frank and Nelson have a 1-year residency at USC this year co-teaching lessons.

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Big Announcement!

There are big things happening at Active Violinist! Check out the first ever product created specifically for this website now available in the brand new Active Violinist SHOP! 

Parents, Students, Teachers, Music Lovers, and Challenge Crushers order your chart now and see what you can accomplish in 100 days.

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Simple Holiday Survival Moves for (upper) String Players

In need of a little relief this gig season? Active Violinist wants to help you feel your best during this crazy time of the year. Here are a few moves to help ease some of the seasonal aches and pains that often accompany a busy performance season.


Happy Holidays!

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