Big Announcement!

Dear friends and readers (future friends, perhaps?),

There is some big news here at Active Violinist. You may notice a new tab in the navigation menu. There is now a SHOP option, which includes 2, yes TWO options to peruse.

Yes, that is correct.

I have a store now and I am so excited about it! You can now buy really cool things on my website. Yay!

Adding a shop to my website has been a secret goal of mine for quite some time and I have schemed (and am still scheming) for probably close to a year about products to create and release to the public and those outside of my private studio.

My very first SHOP item, designed specifically for Active Violinist by the supremely talented artist Meghan Irwin, is a "100 Days of Practice" chart. I worked closely with Meghan to create something beautiful that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone and anyone. This chart makes progress and success both visual and tangible and includes 105 stickers designed specifically for this challenge. 

Freaking Beautiful, right? Meghan is incredible!

Freaking Beautiful, right? Meghan is incredible!

I am using this challenge as a way to nurture community in my private studio. I hope other teachers will consider this as well. The Active Violinist studio practice challenge begins February 1st, 2018 and I hope you will consider joining my students and me on this adventure. Check the blog for regular updates on our progress. If this sounds fun, thrilling, (or even terrifying) there is still time to order your chart and do the challenge alongside us - we can build a beautiful, supportive community this way!

...and for all of you non-musicians out there, the "100 Days of Practice" is not limited to playing your instrument every day. It is such a great way to commit to something you've always wanted to do more regularly, or a goal you want to complete. In fact, I would LOVE to know what you commit to for 100 days. The options are endless.I have so many thoughts and ideas about this that I have a completely separate blog post in the works.

Coming soon! Three beautiful certificates to acknowledge the diligence, perseverance, and hard work that practicing every single day requires. The certificates reward 30+, 60+, and 100 days of practice and will be available individually, and as a set (in case you want to reward those milestones along the way). Stay tuned for those. They will hit the SHOP this week.

Finally, you can now buy all of your sheet music directly from my website. There are direct links to some of my favorite skill building repertoire and technique books (especially for younger violinists), and you can also search the entire Sheet Music Plus inventory directly from my website! How cool is that!?  Now there is no excuse to not have your music in time for your lesson (insert evil teacher laugh).

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Lastly, for more information about Meghan, and to view more of her work - trust me, you you NEED to do this - check out and support talented artists!

Happy Practicing!