Fit as a Fiddle - Workshop with Pamela Frank and Howard Nelson

My review of the “Fit as a Fiddle” class with Pamela Frank and Howard Nelson. This was all about healthy string playing, overcoming injury, and injury prevention primarily for violin and viola players. Frank and Nelson have a 1-year residency at USC this year co-teaching lessons.

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Big Announcement!

There are big things happening at Active Violinist! Check out the first ever product created specifically for this website now available in the brand new Active Violinist SHOP! 

Parents, Students, Teachers, Music Lovers, and Challenge Crushers order your chart now and see what you can accomplish in 100 days.

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Some Not-So-Obvious Adult Life Lessons

~A few of the unlikely "Oh Duh"s of being an adult and also sometimes a musician.~


Never mix the oil into peanut butter while wearing ‘professional’ clothes.

Good posture is more attractive than a fancy new hair cut.

Answer emails ASAP or suffer the hiring freeze.

Don’t eat popcorn while driving. Trust Me.

Just because somebody offers their advice/opinion/approach does not mean they are more right than you are.

I still eat Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches for dinner.

Iron fancy clothes before the very last minute.

I have yet to get sick from eating raw cookie dough.

Telling your teacher you didn’t practice this week will guarantee you a failing grade for that lesson.

Don’t walk to a gig in your concert shoes no matter how close it is. Just don’t.

It is not your job to police your standpartner.

Always have a friend or 2 who are more than proficient at doing hair and makeup. They will come in so handy at recital time – BELIEVE ME!

Strapless performance gown? Toupé tape is your best friend.

What else? The seemingly simple and silly things that you figure out as an adult. Share yours below!