Music Mondays - John Williams

This week, I am busy preparing a program of all John Williams music for a concert with The Wichita Symphony. 

The program includes music from Star Wars, Angela's Ashes, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, Jaws, Harry Potter, and the Olympic Games. Sometimes I forget how many movies he scored!

For fun, I recorded a few little excerpts while practicing and sent them to my family to see if they could guess the movie. They did pretty well!

Can you guess this movie theme?

(apologies for the 'casualness' of the video - I didn't initially plan to post it publicly).

One of my favorite John Williams movie hits to play is 'Harry's Wonderous World.' The soaring opening melody is so fun to play! It is just the kind of violin theme that I LOVE to play.

Fun Fact: John Williams is the most Oscar-Nominated person in history. Go Music!

john williams music in the movies

What is your favorite John Williams soundtrack?