corpßonore - sound // body // wellness

I am so excited to announce that corpßonore - sound // body // wellness will officially launch into the great big worldwide web on November 1st!


What is it?

Corpßonore is a performers resource comprised of an online publication, podcast, and personal/private guidance and coaching.

At corpßonore we believe that being a great musician goes beyond the music. Longevity and sustainability in a music career comes from the development and maintenance of a sound body and mind.

Our mission is to provide accessible information, tools, and support that foster balance, fulfillment, and sustainability for the performer in life and on stage.

What does corpßonore mean?

corps sonore is a term coined by John-Philippe Rameau in the early 18th century initially to discuss frequency, vibration, and tuning based on the notion that establishes the triad as the building block of harmony, and the principle of the corps sonore, which he established as the scientific basis for music theory. corps sonore translates to mean “sound body” or “resonant body” and that resonated with me because you need a sound body to make music with your body but it is also a term steeped in music history, and a concept that Rameau applied to so many aspects of nature and life in his later years.

When developing our own “sound body” we created one word from the two by using the german symbol for ss, called the Eszett or scharfes S, which depending on the font looks like this: ß. We also added “wellness” to the description to open up even more discussion opportunities.

A Little Backstory

Several years ago, while I was working on my dissertation I hatched the idea of bringing the information I was digging up in my research to a larger audience in an accessible and approachable format. I was lucky at the time to be affiliated with an institution that afforded me access to a vast library system, scholarly journals, medical publications, published dissertations, and other research. It was fantastic, but still quite difficult to navigate because research and information typically exists in isolated departments and the discoveries made in exercise science for example don’t often make it to the music building, and you don’t find performers discussing the advances in performance psychology the same way they talk about so-and-so’s new recording. It struck me that so much significant research exists in peer-reviewed journals, academia, and in arenas of life that do not often or easily overlap with “traditional” or “standard” music pedagogy or mix well with pop culture.

After doing a little digging myself, I realized that there are very few purveyors of this information to the working musicians of the world in any genre. I know so many freelance musicians, orchestral players, touring musicians, and teachers who are not affiliated with a University and therefore have to work so hard to access some of this information. This does not sit well with me.

This is a problem!

This means that most of the music teachers you see or send your child to, and the performers you cherish and celebrate onstage are missing out on some majorly effective research and information. How can you pass something on if you don’t know it exists? How can you make the best choices if you don’t know all of your options?


  • This needs to change

  • Valuable and important information does not need to come in stuffy and unapealing packaging and formats.

  • We believe that helpful and pertinent information is meant for every musician, from young beginning violin students and their teachers, to old and seasoned blues guitarists, to internationally celebrated singers, and everything in between.

The Partnership

I approached Madeline with my idea for this project very early on because I knew she would be the perfect partner for something like this. She was instantly taken with it.

For my readers who don’t know Madeline, she is a retired/former/ex opera singer who is a BirthFit Coach, Yoga Teacher and Therapist, and Holistic Nutritionist based in Portland, Oregon. She knows so many things that musicians should know! You can find her online at, and on instagram.

Madeline and I met in grad school and lived together for two years. She talked me into doing my first (and only so far) triathlon, we also ran the Hood to Coast Relay together. In the past, pre-corpßonore she helped me eat appropriately the day of or night before a big performance or audition. I would never have known or thought about some of the things she suggested.

The Details

We are working hard to creat podcast episodes that feature different musicians from all genres. Our goal is to explore the musician beyond the music. So you will hear some personal questions and responses. We have a fantastic list of guests lined up so make sure to subscribe!

Our online publication will be available at starting November 1st, and will also be delivered directly to our subscribers via newsletter. Our articles cover everything from time management, to music reviews, shoulder tension releasing techniques, recipes, the negative effects of sugar, and so much more. We want this to be interesting and appealing to a wide audience.

We offer workshops, classes, lessons, coachings, masterclasses, and guidance via the internet and in person. If this is something you are interested in learning more about please leave us a message, send an email, or stay tuned for more info.

What can you do?

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  3. Tell us what you want to know about (you can tell me directly via Active Violinist too)

  4. What musical guests do you want to hear from on our show? Who are you curious about? We want to hear from you - it can be anyone from that street performer you walk by everyday on your way to work, to your absolute favorite DJ. It doesn’t matter, we want to talk to them!

  5. Are you the owner of a business, teaching studio, etc.? We would love to hear from you and craft creative ways to engage with the music community through partnerships and much more.

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You can email me directly at or with questions, queries, suggestions, support, words of wisdom, dream podcast guests, or whatever you have up your sleeve or in your cauldron.

Lastly, A massive thank you to the incredibly talented Meghan Irwin for the creation of our logo and branding. You simply MUST check out more of her work here and follow her beautiful creations on Instagram. Fun fact: Meghan and I have known eachother for over 10 years, and she also created the Active Violinist Logo AND the 100 Days of Practice charts and certificates available in my shop. I truly want corpßonore - sound // body // wellness to be successful so I can pay her what she is truly worth as an artist, collaborator, designer, and creator.

Thank you!