Music Mondays - monolux

Happy Monday!

On Sunday, I found out that a musical project that I had contributed some violin playing to, was finally finished and avialable to the public.

Last Spring, I recorded some long tones and drones in Tulsa and sent them to monolux (aka Erik Appelwick and Matt Kretzman) in Minneapolis to use in their musical creations. I popped off the tracks via email, then sat back and waited to hear how they were put to use. Sometimes I love technology.

The album, Kurami, is finally available for purchase and streaming and it is my pleasure to share it here.

The drones I recorded are used in the track Janvier (#4 on the album).

You can also hear/watch their first album below:

Welcome to my yoga practice playlist for the next several months! This album makes you loose track of time. There is no tension, just space. I'm into it - It feels like a musical vacation from stress, and mania, and the daily grind. In fact, the band's description says:

Sublime sonic meditations. Your soundtrack to another dimension.