Music Mondays - Duo Caprice

This week Music Monday is dedicated to Peter Schickele and his Duo Caprice for two violins. This is yet another shameless plug for my upcoming performance with friend and colleague, Emily Bishop.

This performance is part of concert series that supports a wonderful cause, and I encourage anyone, and everyone in the Bentonville, and Northwest Arkansas region to attend! Our program is pretty rocking, but the impetus to even start performing as a duo came from hearing Peter Schickele's Duo Caprice.

For reasons that are unclear to me this piece does not get the recognition it deserves, It is tough, but very cool and always receives great reviews from our audiences. Although, not to be confused with the super hilarious duo performed below by Itzhak Perlman and the composer himself.

That duo makes me laugh out loud every time I watch that video!

Peter Schickele, to those unfamiliar with the name, also composes under the psyeudonym P.D.Q Bach and his music is generally amusing and pokes fun at famous classical music.

Anyways, below you will find the 'serious' duo that we will be performing Saturday. This is the only performance I could find on Youtube, so I hope to see you at our upcoming performance!