Missing Blogger Report

Goodness! That was a bit of a hiatus!

Hello! Sorry I was MIA for so long - a few of you actually sent me private messages to see if I was still alive. I really appreciate the thought! And I REALLY appreciate that people appreciate this blog! Wow! Sometimes I think it is just my mom (hi mom!) who reads this so what a delight to discover that others enjoy it too. 

The end of the orchestra/school/teaching/performing/finals/juries/recitals/gigs/lessons season is always chaotic. This year was no different. In an attempt to keep up with all the essential and time sensitive deadlines that I was frantically running around trying to stay on top of, I neglected my blog....and then fled to Michigan for a little family time and a break from the daily grind. SORRY! (not sorry - it was great! Who knew napping was so awesome!? I see why babies love it!)

But now I'm back - and I mean really back!

As in, this is the summer of writing. I have this little thing called a dissertation to churn out and according to my New Years Resolution, it must happen this year. This little 'document' is so far requiring beaucoup hours in front of the computer and not so many hours practicing and performing.

So FINALLY this blog will take a turn towards its original purpose; as a place for me to flesh out some of my thesis ideas and topics. If you're not a violinist bear with me! I promise to sneak in a few 'not so academic' posts in there too so y'all don't jump ship in search of a more entertaining violinist.

In the meantime check out my updated summer events and concerts. Hope to see you at one or two of them.

Have some wonderful fun in the sun (with sunscreen). I'll be back soon!