Spring Semester Studio Play List

This post is primarily for my students. I thought it might be nice for them to have easy access to some of my preferred recordings and performances of the repertoire they are currently working on. Granted, the super famous violin virtuosos of the world have not recorded some of these wonderful and charming pieces (at least not that I could find on the internet anyways) but the following videos are certainly appropriate for study support and reference. Recitals, auditions, and juries mean that easy access to study materials makes life just that much easier. Wherever possible I have included video footage so one can see AND hear how the bow is used. In some cases I just couldn’t resist a few recordings. That’s the great thing about performers – no two sound the same!

These are of course great pieces of music and should be enjoyed by all. So if you’re not one of my students please use this as an excuse to get your hands dirty with the Not-So-Top-Of-The-Pops Violin Classics.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Variations. - Okay, this is not alphabetically placed but it seems like the appropriate first recording to include.

Marche, C.P.E. Bach from Barbara Barber's Solos for Young Violinists

Waltz, Johannes Brahms from Suzuki Book 2.

Humoresque, by Antonin Dvořák - These are 2 classic recordings. Not to be missed!

La Cinquantaine, by Gabriel-Marie

Sonata in F major for Violin and Keyboard, George Frederick Handel

Piano Trio in C Major, Joseph Haydn

Sonata for Piano and Violin No. 21 in E Minor K. 304, W.A. Mozart

Theme from Witches' Dance, Nicolo Paganini

The original....

the Suzuki book 2 version....

Theme and Variations Op. 59, Guido Papini

Violin Concerto in G major Op.24, Oscar Rieding

Le Cyne, Camille Saint-Saëns

Two Grenadiers, R. Schumann

Violin Concerto No. 5 in D major, F. Seitz

Violin Concerto No. 23 in G major, Viotti

Violin Concerto No. 2 in D minor Op.22, H. Wieniawski


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