HELLO! Again

Apologies for the extended absence! I can't believe it has been almost 2 months since my last post! Man time flies when you're super busy driving, practicing, performing, rehearsing, teaching, reading, working and sleeping!

I gave my final Doctoral recital on April 15th and was 'in the zone' so to speak preparing for the performance (hence my absence). During the preparation process I composed many blog posts in my head, made a few notes and kept a mental catalogue of things worthy of some commentary so be prepared for an onslaught of entries to these blog archives in the very near future. 

This past recital was the last portion of my degree to complete before really digging into research and writing the dissertation. It marks an enormous step in the degree, as I am now considered ABD (that stands for All But Dissertation and NOT A Big Deal) and so so so close to the Doctoral finish line. The only thing left is that silly little thing called a Document, Dissertation, Thesis or whatever academia is referring to it these days, oh and finding a job that requires a huge pompous degree in the fine arts. No Big Deal.

If you have a moment you should totally go see the amazing, and gorgeous posters created for the recitalt! I just uploaded them to the posters section of my website and they really make me look good. Matt and Meghan Irwin were kind enough to collaborate on some really awesome designs and Jeff Montague was so inspired he couldn't resist making his own version of the poster himself! I am so lucky to have such talented artists and designers in my life. Seriously - these people make me look so good!

Anyways - I'm back! Nice to see you again! I'll be back soon, I promise.