Mini Blog Series Announcement!

This season is pretty special.

My performance schedule includes not 1, not 2, but several (I’ve already lost track!) violin soloists.

I thought, being a violinist myself, that it might be cool to blog about each concert from my up close and professional perspective as a member of the house band.

My goal is to make a mini series of blog posts regarding these concerts, covering rehearsals and performances and offering a glimpse of how some of the magic comes together and what it is like to work with a variety of violinists.

I remember the experience of going to concerts when I was younger - before I was a (somewhat) gainfully employed musician - and marveling at a soloist’s technical abilities and musicianship almost indiscriminately. It could have been anyone and I’m 99.9% positive I was impressed with the performance. I remember being so green to the whole experience, that everyone was just awesome and I wanted to be like that too. I had not yet formed my own opinions regarding musicianship (tempos, phrases, tone, poise etc.) nor had I committed a single thought to what TYPE of performer I would want to be:

a champion of new music and premiers?

Chamber music?

Classical music’s greatest hits?

A period performer?

….the options are endless!

When you’re blissfully young and naive you don’t think about what it means to be a soloist. All of the unglamorous parts of being famous like travelling non stop, being alone in hotel rooms almost everyday, where to find healthy food, what about a workout schedule?

I still don’t think I fully understand what it means to do this but I definitely have a firmer grip on this whole violinist thing.

I know the repertoire now. I’ve played enough recitals and concerts to appreciate and respect the amount of work, discipline, and focus it take to be a soloist (aka A TON) and I finally have some of my own, hard won aesthetics.

This season, I hope you will learn just a little bit from where I sit (literally) or at least find these posts enjoyable.

The soloists run the gamut from international superstars, to up and coming talent, and local concertmasters.

Posts will cover the following topics:

Who is it?

What piece are they playing?

What else is on the program?

What orchestra am I performing with?

 …and with which conductor? (So much to get straight!)

What is their rehearsal demeanor like?

Personal anecdotes?

Cool stuff?


Standing Ovation?

Things I didn’t particularly care for?

What did they wear?

Yes, this applies to the Women AND the Men

First Up

Joshua Bell performing the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with the Tulsa Symphony and Maestro Daniel Hege on the podium.

Stay tuned for my reports from the field!