The Inaugural Post

To whomever may read this,

This is my first foray into appearing like a professional musician. I have been meaning to establish an online presence for some time now and have finally mustered the courage and patience to sit down and screw around with domains, design and the details. So welcome, and thank you ever so much for visiting my online home. I am honored to have you as a guest in this not so secret, ever so public space. Scattered across the pages of this website you will find audio and video clips, a calendar of upcoming performances (and perhaps other events I will participate in - more on that some other time), glamor shots, and this lovely blogging space.

The blog portion of this website is intended to be a place of exploration; a fresh space to breathe life into ideas, reviews, experiences, topics, and readings that pertain to playing and teaching the violin, the life of a musician, movement, physical exercise, and more.

At this moment I stand at the precipice of my Doctoral Dissertation. This means I have hours and hours of research and writing ahead of me and I am staring down lonely nights in the library, alone but for a formidable stack of books. As a strategy for warding off insanity whilst also staying motivated I thought I might track my progress and discoveries in the form of a blog so that others can join me on this knowledge train, academic vision quest, or whatever you want to call it.

As a teacher I have also found that there is all sorts of information out there that I would love to share with my students, and their parents in a way that can be referenced regularly and easily. Therefore some of the information found here will NOT directly pertain to my own specific dissertation topic but will reach in many other at least loosely related directions but will all certainly pertain to being a musician.

My hope is that this becomes some sort of resource for those seeking information and inspiration. I welcome feedback, new ideas and thoughts so please feel free to share your views with me and any other readers who may pop up along the way. This is a place of love and respect, creativity and curiosity. 

Sincerely, HM